Pleasure Games New massage services with Sex toy

sexy toy

One of my best friends in Stockholm works for a company dedicated to designing what I always called ‘Sex Toys’. But when I used this description when she visited me in London a couple of weeks ago, I thought she was going to slap me! You should all know ‘Sex Toys’ no longer appears in our urban dictionary – now we have to say ‘Pleasure Toys’! And yes, there is a reason and a good one.

Sex toys are substitutes (bad substitutes) for sex whereas pleasure toys are there to enhance our sexual experience – and believe it or not after many hours of discussion, I know this is something more than a different use of words. It is no longer about the size of the dildo and the realistic copy of the masculine member of our favourite porn actor from the 70s. It is about well-designed objects adapted to the human body and reaching those special places in our body. It is about a tactile experience and vibrations that will make you feel as any human organ.

Those pleasure toys are designed to reach and stimulate those same areas we do during the erotic massage session, for an erotic prostate massage or more kinky and special pleasure…

kiss me

My friend left me with a lot information to process and ideas I am researching in order to come with new services which I will launch on the website very soon. These are the pleasure games, a combination of erotic massage with pleasure toys in order to give that twist to all of you who could feel attracted to the idea of experimenting with new ways of pleasure for man from a different point of view, and of course I will introduce to you my friend Maggie and this new fantastic line of pleasure toys LELO which are based in Stockholm.