Tantric Massage

I’m a versatile courtesan with many special skills to amaze you…one of the most special secret would be the tantric massage…allow me to guide you into the mystic world of tantric massage today. I am here to serve as a witness and guide you as we travel into the landscapes of the heart through Tantric awareness and Being Integration.

If you are looking for incall massage I’m available in Paddington and Bayswater area, if you want to enjoy a massage at your hotel, I’m more than happy to provide you my authentic erotic tantric massage in your home or hotel room. You can contact me for appointment.

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Erotic Energy, Tantra and Sacred Intimacy

tantric massage goddess CarmenLearn more about the concept of London tantric massage: If we were fortunate enough during our formative years to have our innate erotic innocence met with support and genuine INTIMACY, then our life becomes a celebration of our true nature. For many of us, however, our erotic energy is met with an environment that causes us to go to a place of ISOLATION (shame, guilt, denial, hiding) or we experience an INVASION (sexual abuse or inappropriate boundaries). In either case, our original erotic INNOCENCE is taken from us and our life force energy becomes blocked in some way. For us to heal this split, we must bring consciousness and awareness to it so that INTEGRATION can occur, allowing us to reclaim our original authentic selves.

Sexual life force energy has been known for centuries to be a pathway to higher consciousness and to a deeper connection with the sacredness of all there is. The path of Tantra involves learning how to transform this primal erotic energy into spiritual energy and bliss, and teaches us to embrace our bodies while breaking through old learned patterns of emotional blocks, taboos, ignorance and shame that limit our access to this ecstatic energy that is our birthright.

Our sexuality has been strongly influenced by a culture that teaches us from a young age that sex is to be hidden, not spoken of, and shameful. Our bodies take on this conditioning in the form of tensions, sexual dysfunctions, addictions, and intimacy issues. Our raw, primal, sexual nature is suppressed and replaced with mental noise, and we lose our connection to our original Source. We learn to use sexuality and orgasm for release, to “turn off”, to go to sleep, to avoid feeling feelings. Sex becomes, quick, quiet, tense, and goal-oriented. By bringing awareness to these old traps and reprogramming our bodies, we can awaken to more clarity, insight, creativity, self-esteem, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

My path of London tantric massage is an ancient spiritual tradition and way of life that involves among other things awakening and living in our desire, staying fully present, and experiencing aliveness, vitality and joy in all things. It is about the weaving of body, mind, and spirit as we embrace and totally accept all things, including all aspects of our sexuality, as sacred. It is about discovering our own divinity as we discover the divinity in others. It is about embodying the balance of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, Shakti and Shiva, energy and consciousness. It is about awakening to our sexual life force, or kundalini, and using the body and the body’s pleasure and desire as vehicles to enlightenment and to a deeper connection with the Divine.

To fully explore our true erotic nature, we must have a container that feels safe, nurturing, supportive, and nonjudgmental. Sacred Intimacy is about creating that container that allows the client to begin to shed the shame and guilt that has prevented personal transformation. By creating an atmosphere of trust, safety, and confidentiality, you, the client, are given permission to explore all of the aspects of who you are, including your shadows, your wounds, your fears, your desires, and your fantasies. To learn more about tantric massage, please visit TMG.

You can learn to ask for what you want, to practice new forms of intimacy, to learn new ways of sexual expression, and to heal old wounds. This way of being ultimately can reconnect us to our original, innocent, authentic self, which will then allow us to move forward in the world with fresh insight and clarity from a place of renewed personal power.