Lily my Duo Escort friend

I had previously told you about meeting with Lily when I was having my pictures taken at the start of my escorting career. Well Lily and I had kept in touch, meeting at least once a week and talking on the telephone at least once a day. Lily had had more bookings then me at that point (it was about a month into our time as escorts) I guess that her red hair and stunning figure was something that gentlemen were naturally attracted too, and I cannot blame them, as I was too.

We had talked a couple of times about a duo escort date and Lily was just like a giggly schoolgirl, worried that this would be too much for her and she feigned shock and horror at the idea, but I could tell by the glint in her eyes, she wanted it almost as much as I did. Well she didn’t need to worry because before long, our first duo escort date came through. It was an overnight booking at a hotel in Mayfair, just around the corner from Carols office and was for two nights time.

Carol called me and told me and then said that she had also told Lily, she then told me what I longed to hear. Carol said I should meet Lily the following evening, and make sure that I seduced her and got into her panties. This was not something I needed telling twice and as soon as Carol had hung up I was on the phone to Lily ready to put my plans into action.

Before I could even say anything to Lily she told me that Carol had already told me that we needed to have some fun the following evening and she was OK with that. More than that, she couldn’t wait till the following evening and she wanted to come around there and then and allow me to take her lesbian virginity before the duo escort date in two days time.

My head was spinning and my stomach doing somersaults and my pussy, well I am sure you can imagine how that was feeling. The doorbell rang and in walked Lily, she took off her coat to reveal crisp white lingerie covering her beautiful pale skin, mottled with sexy freckles around her shoulders. I practically dived on her and we drove each other wild until the wee small hours.

Lily was no longer new to pleasing a woman, and I have to say, she picked up some useful skills that would serve us well on our first duo escort date. That date was brilliant, the gentleman asking the pair of us to put on a show to please him, which I am sure it did as it certainly left myself and Lily feeling fulfilled!

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